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Mad Ripple...Notes From Johnny
June 9 FollowUp: Johnny wrote to say the
show was a smash.   Have A Look!

I got an 'E-Mail' from one Jim Walsh, on June 1st. Me and My Strange Friends were invited to play the Mad Ripple Hootenanny season finale. Go on and look it up. The 'Hoot' is a Prestigious show. Tyler can't make it, so John the Younger will be drumming.

I originally wrote Mr. Walsh, asking how to submit a CD for next fall, when the 'Hoot' resumes after a summer break. He wrote Me back, asking Us to play THIS FRIDAY June 8th. Minnesota Public Radio has run a profile of the show. It's been written up in the local press. Sixty-to-eighty people show up, every week. There are no microphones. Folks sit in Comfy chairs and Listen. Beer, wine and booze are allowed, but You have to bring Your own. Kids are welcome. Admission is free. The 'Mad Ripple Hootenanny' is held in the basement of 'Java Jacks CoffeeHouse', 46th and Bryant, Southside.

Bookings - Comments - Rude Awakenings:   Mr. Fenner 612-728-0951

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