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Fireside Liner Notes   (review by-Tom Surowicz)

There have been some fabled recording studios in the Twin Cities over the years. Herb Pilhofer's state-of-the-art Sound 80. Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis' hit factory, Flyte Tyme etal.
John Fenner's backyard isn't on that list. But it turns out
ya can make a fine record there, too....    CONTINUED

[] John Fenner - Hack Frontman & Songwriter-in-Chief

Mr. Fenner is known for his overblown ego, and a comic sense of showmanship. Jazz critic Tom Surowicz called Mr. Fenner "The Consummate Bullshit Artist", and he seemed to mean it kindly.

[]Pat Mavity - Sometimes guitar, sometimes fiddle (never, ever violin}

Mr. Mavity is a rock star in his own right for his past roles in Machinery Hill and Mubbla Buggs and current role in Johnny Trash. Known as "The Sensible One" or "The Likeable Strange Friend".

[]Eric Hohn - Bass and voice

Mr. Hohn works far too much and has little time for you, so get off his back. He plays regularly in Soul Tight Committee, runs sound at the Cedar, and is proprietor of the "Linden Hills House of Music". He answers phone calls in the shower while maintaining a businesslike demeanor.

[]John Devitt (John the Younger) - Drums

John the Younger plays the Strange Friends acoustic shows. At the age of twelve, he has played many bars and been out on the road to places like faraway Wisconsin, where he got raves for his solo performance.


sTrange Friends

I'd Turn Back If I Were You

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Fireside Recordings Vol 1

Dave's Not Here

Fireside Recordings
Volume 1
  (review by-Jim Meyer)

It  took 15 years for Strange Friends to settle down and make a real CD. Last year's funky breakout, Dave's Not Here, delighted core fans of their fiddle-filled Americana music, but  it didn't pay the bills. So the group cut costs, recording a session in leader John  Fenner's backyard. Local soundman Chris Frymire of the Cedar Cultural Center produced the  perfect, bittersweet ambiance for this dark collection of songs about lost loves and dead  runaways. But as always, laughs creep in and warmth softens the blunt ballads. Not so  strange after all.


Minnesota Monthly Magazine  ::  July 2007  ::   ONLINE

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