Lenora Downs - What Say You?

Nowadays, people talk about their personal journey in life... the roads they have chosen to walk down. Some have taken risks, while others are content to sit back day after day feet up in their favorite recliner. What drives one and not the other? It all comes down to passion... those with passion forge ahead regardless of what life throws at them or in their path. Their passion keeps their souls true.

John Fenner and his band, Strange Friends have taken many twists and turns on their road to creating music. Staying true to the heart of their songs and delivering a good show. Whether he performed with Peg Danaher... as she belted out her songs clad in a suede fringed jacket, dancing and spinning around, arms outstretched... the audience could feel it. You'd swear the ghost of Janis Joplin was in the house those nights raising a toast to Peg and Strange Friends and cheering them on.

Then came the turn in the road for Strange Friends, with the sultry deep voice of Katy Thomasberg; matched with the talents of Bill Bailey and Itchy Whilfarht (aka Mark Shroeder)... again headed by their leader, John Fenner. The rocking blues swirled in with a funky sound, bringing the group to another level of musical intoxication.

And so on this journey of Strange Friends... on the road of both the personal and professional tragedies seen by John Fenner and his band mates they continue on with the same passion, risks, and soulful sound as their first gig... perhaps, though a bit tighter and with more seasoning.

Now a 4 piece solid group that includes Pat Mavity on fiddle, Eric Hohn on electric bass, and sharing the bill on drums with Tyler Erickson, Fenner's own son, John the Younger. All bringing vocals together at times with John Fenner, the front man... the performer. John Fenner, who stayed true to the spirit of Strange Friends and the journey to give the audience one damn good show!

-- Lenora Drowns ~ Artist/Writer